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Window Repair Tape

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IMPORTANT NOTE : please clean the window before using the product


Introducing the Anti-Tape Repair Tape - Your Ultimate Solution for Quick and Effective Window Screen Repairs!

Discover the ultimate remedy for damaged window screens with our Anti-Tape Repair Tape. This Window Screen Repair Patch Sticker offers an efficient and professional solution to patch up those unsightly holes and tears, ensuring a clear view while keeping pests out. Easy to use and long-lasting, this is your go-to choice for a quick and effective window screen repair.


  1. Efficient Window Screen Repair: Say goodbye to unsightly holes and tears in your window screens. The Anti-Tape Repair Tape provides a quick and efficient solution for a professional-looking repair.

  2. Clear View, Pest-Free: Restore the clarity of your view while keeping pests at bay. This repair tape ensures that your window screens remain effective in keeping unwanted visitors out.

  3. Easy to Use: Enjoy a hassle-free repair process with our easy-to-use Anti-Tape Repair Tape. No need for complex tools or professional help – simply apply the tape for a durable fix.

  4. Long-Lasting Solution: Designed for durability, this repair tape offers a long-lasting solution to extend the life of your window screens. Enjoy the benefits of a clear view and enhanced screen protection for the long term.


  • Width: 5cm
  • Length: 2 meters

Elevate your window screen repair experience with the Anti-Tape Repair Tape. Whether you're dealing with small punctures or larger tears, this tape provides a reliable and efficient solution. Enjoy the ease of use, durability, and the clear view you deserve with this go-to choice for window screen repairs.

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