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Introducing the Universal Travel Adaptor - Your Essential Companion for Worldwide Power Solutions!

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Compatibility: The Universal Travel Adaptor is your all-in-one solution for powering up in over 150 countries, including the US, UK, EU, and AU, making it the perfect travel companion for globetrotters.

  2. Multi-Functional Design: This smart adaptor plug features a compact and user-friendly design, allowing you to effortlessly convert various AC power plugs to fit different socket types around the world.

  3. Effortless Operation: Simply plug in your electronic devices and enjoy seamless charging wherever you go. With its intuitive design, the ensures hassle-free power access, no matter your location.

  4. Standard Grounding: Designed with standard grounding for added safety and reliability, providing peace of mind wherever your travels take you.


  • Model Number: D931
  • Type: Extension Socket
  • Grounding: Standard Grounding
  • Product Name: Universal Travel Adaptor
  • Color: White
  • Max. Voltage: 230V

Ideal for:

  • Travel Enthusiasts: Seamlessly power up your devices during international adventures without the need for multiple adaptors.
  • Business Professionals: Stay connected and productive on business trips worldwide with the convenience of universal power access.
  • Students and Backpackers: Simplify your packing list and ensure you're always prepared for power needs in any country you visit.

Stay connected and powered up wherever you go with the Universal Travel Adaptor - the ultimate all-in-one solution for your international power needs.

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