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Introducing the Tactical LED Flashlight - Your Powerful Illumination Solution for Any Adventure!

Gear up for superior lighting with the Tactical LED Flashlight. With an impressive 4000 lumens powered by XHP70 & XHP50 LEDs and a rechargeable design, this flashlight is the epitome of brightness and reliability. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and tactical situations, it's a versatile tool that stands out in the dark.


  1. High-Powered Illumination: Illuminate your path with 4000 lumens, courtesy of the advanced XHP70 & XHP50 LEDs. Whether camping, hiking, or navigating in the dark, this flashlight ensures a powerful and reliable light source.

  2. Rechargeable Convenience: Designed for efficiency, the  features a rechargeable design, compatible with 2*26650/18650 batteries. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and stay powered for your entire adventure.

  3. Durable and Versatile Design: Crafted with durability in mind, this flashlight boasts a robust build in sleek black. The rotary zoom function allows for versatile lighting, adapting to your specific needs.

  4. Three Lighting Modes: Choose between three modes to customize your lighting experience. Whether you need a focused beam or a wider illumination, the has you covered.

  5. Compact and Portable: With a net weight of 360g and a size of 24.863.3cm, this flashlight is designed for easy handling and portability. Take it wherever your adventures lead.

  6. Long LED Life: The XHP70 bulb type ensures a long LED life of more than 100,000 hours, providing enduring reliability for your outdoor endeavors.

  7. IP55 Rating: Built to withstand the elements, the IP55 rating ensures resistance against water and dust, making it suitable for various outdoor conditions.

  8. Warm White Color Temperature: Experience warm white light with a color temperature of 3500K, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain during prolonged use.

Package Contents:

  • Tactical LED Flashlight
  • User manual for easy operation and care guidelines

Elevate your outdoor experience with the Tactical LED Flashlight. Illuminate your path with powerful brightness, enjoy rechargeable convenience, and conquer the night with this durable and versatile lighting solution.

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