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Introducing the RAF Electric Cooker - Effortless Home Cooking with App-Controlled Precision!


  1. Powerful Performance: The RAF Electric Cooker boasts a robust 2000W power for efficient and quick cooking.
  2. App-Controlled Convenience: Enjoy the ease of app-controlled operation, putting precise cooking at your fingertips.
  3. Versatile Cooking Functions: From soup stewing to intense fire cooking, this cooker offers a range of functions, including hotpot, stir-fry, porridge cooking, milk stewing, water boiling, fry, and temperature adjustment.
  4. Reservation and Time Setting: Plan your meals with the reservation and time-setting features, ensuring your dishes are ready when you need them.
  5. Waterproof Design: The cooker is equipped with a waterproof feature, adding an extra layer of safety and durability to your cooking experience.
  6. Ceramic Panel: The ceramic panel ensures even heat distribution and easy cleaning, enhancing the cooking efficiency.
  7. User-Friendly Operation: Choose between the touchpad and knob operation for a cooking experience tailored to your preferences.
  8. Private Mold: Crafted with precision and uniqueness, the RAF Electric Cooker stands out with its private mold design.
  9. Voltage Compatibility: With a voltage of 220V, the cooker is suitable for various home cooking needs.
  10. Cooker Type: Single-cooker
  11. Usage: Ideal for home cooking
  12. OEM Capability: Explore customization with OEM options to personalize your cooking experience.
  13. Wire Length: A convenient 1.2m wire length for flexible placement in your kitchen.
  14. Burner Configuration: Single-burner configuration for efficient cooking.
  15. Functions: Enjoy the flexibility of 5 different cooking functions to suit your culinary preferences.
  16. Panel Dimensions: The panel measures 280*280 for a spacious and user-friendly cooking surface.

Elevate your home cooking experience with the RAF Electric Cooker - a perfect blend of innovation, versatility, and precision.

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