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LIHONK Plastic Repair Machine Strong Features:

1. Pure-copper clamping tube to ensure smooth nail installation and removal, no stuck. 2. The machine heats up the staples extremely quick, provides firm welding.
3. The repair machine is equipped with LED to illuminate the dark welding area.
4. Friendly-design of gun-shape handle with curves grip to avoid hand slip.
5. Quick temperature rising - 400 ℃ per second, high efficiency, a high quality welding gun to repair all kinds of cracked plastics.
6. Overheat protection.

Easy to deal with various repairing:

Function 1
-Plastic fusion, filler fusion, hole repair, crack elimination.
Function 2
-Planting nails, with various repair nails, can repair horizontal, vertical, long and short cracks.
Function 3
-Heat troweling, plastic heat troweling, welding, double strength, more beautiful.
Function 4
-Thermal cutting can be used for thermal cutting of plastic rope, flat incision and automatic sealing.
Function 5
-Soldering, faster heating / cooling and more effective than normal welding machines.
Package Includes :
  1. M-shape (100pcs)
  2. V-shape (100pcs)
  3. small-curve-shape (100pcs)
  4. big-curve-shape (100pcs)

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